Full Time, Part Time or Project Based Following Service Packages – starting $10/Hr

We invest time in understanding your business and your product/service before taking over complete small business outsourcing projects. We believe in building sustainable, scalable and highly productive outsourcing support for your online store or small business. We work on fixed monthly retainer model and project based model depending on your requirement and budget. Whether you need part time, full time or project based services, we will design the program that best fits your needs.

How we get started?

Step 1: You Fill in the Client Information Form. Takes 2 minutes!

Step 2: Our Outsourcing Manager contacts you. We understand what you need.

Step 3: Resource Allocation and Project Start. All projects are billed at USD10/hour. You only pay for hours used for your work.

After getting started, how it works?

1. We have one point of contact for all your different tasks – Your Operation Manager

So no need to waste time dealing with many different virtual assistants for different tasks. Your outsourcing manager is always contactable for you on email, skype and telephone during work hours.

2. We offer back up Virtual Assistant at no extra cost

So that your work is not affected if one of our team members is unable to report to work due to some unavoidable reasons

3. Daily reports

Your Operation Log is updated daily with the actual time used for you tasks/projects and the output is measured regularly.

4. Regular Meetings

Every month end the updated Operation Log is sent to you and then the invoice on the 5th of every month. Your outsourcing manager is available during work hours on phone, email, skype for chat or tele-meetings. We highly value your timely feedback.

5. We stick to our deadlines and perform work on time

6. We work on a feedback based approach and quickly incorporate changes, improvements.

7. If for some reasons, there is any error, we take full responsibility for the mistake and correct it without billing your for extra hours.

8. We are always ready to learn new skills for our clients’ needs.

Contact us today. Please fill in the quote request form here and we will contact you soon.