Full Time, Part Time or Project Based Following Service Packages – starting $10/Hr

OBVA is a team of Professional Virtual Assistants offering complete online Amazon business and EBay business outsourcing and customized services to online entrepreneurs. We maintain your online presence(website,blog), Social Presence (Social Media Marketing Services), Internet Marketing Research to create database/reports,  MS Office projects and customized small business solutions for your unique business. If your business needs some new skills, we offer free 10 hours for training your virtual assistant. Whether you need part timefull time or project based services, we will design the program that best fits your needs.

Everything we do at Online Business Virtual Assistant Company is built around our 8 core beliefs

We know that you love your business and you wear many hats to make sure everything is done fine in a budget. We offer Reliable, Cost Effective, Timely and Flexible Services for online businesses. To keep your outsourcing in a budget, we club all services in a single basket.

1. We believe that your time is precious and its most productive when utilized for your core competencies. You do not have to do every thing by yourself.

Therefore, we free up your time by taking over all routine and time consuming activities.

Online Business Virtual Assistant Team assists you in:

We provide customized solutions for your small business at extremely affordable rates so that you get what you aimed for, “A growing business with time to relax and focus on your expertise.”

2. We believe that  the information and data you share with us while we work for you is solely your property and you do not like worrying about the safety of your information.

Therefore, we assure you complete privacy of your data to make sure you never worry about your data.

  • We never use your data or information for any other purpose apart from your business only.

We assure data protection to you.

3. We believe that your business is unique and you operate in a competitive online environment. You share your business with us and do not expect us to share it with your competitors.

Therefore, we do not work for multiple sellers in the same product line in Amazon/Ebay business.

We work with full dedication for your store to make sure that its feedback score and sales optimize.

4. We  believe that talented employees get the maximum productivity per hour. Communication needs to be effective and smooth so that time is always properly utilized and work delivered exactly as demanded.

Therefore, we are a team of experience, qualified, intelligent professionals.

  • We understand your needs, your business and deliver what you need, not what is easy to deliver.
  • We give high priority to customer service and easy communication.

We are on IM of your choice, email and also telephone.

5.We believe that small business needs are highly unpredictable. With changing markets, there is a need to be flexible and enthusiastic to learn new skills quickly to deliver to valuable clients.

We offer flexible solutions and are always prepared to learn new skills quickly as and when needed by your business.

6.We believe that outsourcing is supposed to reduce cost and worries and not to increase troubles and coordination problems.

We offer maximum possible productivity for each hour and also treat your business as our own. Ownership helps us find solutions to problems rather than just follow instructions.

7. We believe that outsourcing your business is a critical business decision and outsourcing is most effective when the tasks and projects are clearly defined and delegated with proper deadline and costs.

Therefore, we assist you in:

  • Defining the tasks and processes to be outsourced for increased cost savings
  • Building knowledgebase when required in form of tutorials, manuals for your product
  • Create customer FAQ and customer service priorities
  • Mapping the business process and the turn around time for each process clearly

The end product is, your virtual assistant knows your business as much as you know, knows how you work and what type of work style you follow. Your virtual assistant knows how to perform all delegated tasks with minimum supervision. Let us get started today!

8. We believe that we can help you reduce your operational costs, increase your customer ratings, improve your sales and take away your worries.

Therefore, we look forward for an opportunity to serve you.

Contact us today to start saving from tomorrow.