Full Time, Part Time or Project Based Following Service Packages – starting $10/Hr

CardScan Database verification, deduplication, management can now be outsourced to Professionals…

Advantages of using CardScan are:

  • Better follow ups after each networking meeting, cocktail party and chamber of commerce events.
  • Long-term relationship building.
  • You can make everyone feel special by remembering their birthdays, anniversary, and other important events of their life
  • Referral leads
  • CardScan automates the process of adding business cards to your Contact Management System and then you need to Verify, Deduplicate, categorize and organize your business cards.

What can a CardScan Expert do for your business contacts?

  • Verify your business cards
  • Deduplicate cards
  • Categorize cards
  • Sync it with you CMS
  • Add notes to your contacts
  • Conduct internet research before your business meetings to update you with more information on your prospect

Your CardScan expert can help you in all of the above mentioned tasks so that your contacts are all ready to be used as a marketing weapon.

Contact us today for a quote. Please mention the number of business cards you want optimized for an accurate quote.