Full Time, Part Time or Project Based Following Service Packages – starting $10/Hr

Comprehensive Online Customer Support for your online customers

Customer service is a key parameter that differentiates your online store or small business from others. Today, a lot of importance is given on maintaining positive online reputation. One unsatisfied customer can leave you a feedback on your eBay or Amazon, or even leave you reviews on sites like yelp, insiderpages, and so on. Immediate solution can convert one unhappy customer to a happy customer. OBVA Customer Service Professionals are capable of creating quick, high quality, precise & accurate replies to your client’s e-mail.  OBVA offers you online customer support services that any small business needs in today’s online market.

Why OBVA for Customer Service Outsourcing?

1. FAQ and Documentation – We help you create FAQ, return policy, replacement policy, or shipping policy in collaboration with your customers needs and your business policies. This helps in high quality and professional customer service, even in a small budget.

2. Flexibillity – No fixed cost. Just pay for hours we spent taking care of your customers on your behalf

3. Reply within Turn Around Time(TAT) – Never keep your customers waiting! We will reply all emails within 24 hours.

4. Personalized Response –We understand how annoying automated responses can be. Therefore, we personalize each email and offer a solution that best meets customer expectation.

5. Privacy – Be assured of data protection and privacy. We never sell your data to any third party.

6. Peace of mind – We do not work for your competitors in the same product line and in same market. So, you can be assured that your competitors wont steal your business policies and secrets.

7. Social Media, Forums and Blog Integration – You want more people talking about your business online? We will encourage your customers to talk with you on Social Media, Forums and even at your blog.

8. Back up Virtual Assistant – Your customers’ emails wont remain unanswered if your VA is on leave. The backup VA takes over immediately.

9. One point of Contact – No matter how many Virtual Assistants work for your account, you will have one point of contact, your outsourcing manager. Email us today to request a free consultation with our outsourcing manager.

If you are an eBay, Amazon or other online store business owner, we have just the right solution that you need. We take care of replacements, claims, feedback, customer service, and also invoicing. Please check our customized eBay and Amazon store services here.