Keyword Research services

Getting into the mind of customers is the first step to Keyword Research…

Therefore, our keyword research services are based on two way communication between you and our keyword research professionals, because you know your customers better than anybody else. Next we brainstorm keyword categories that can address your customers wants that your product/service aims to fulfill. This is then followed by a comprehensive research by our Keyword Research Specialist. We work with you to deliver results that are effective and intelligent, not just a general output from a research software. Once the keyword research is done, we are happy to do another round of research based on your inputs. Two way communications helps us nail down the most relevant potential keywords that work!

We have the following 2 packages for Keyword and Competition research-

Primary Keyword Research – $199

This is the best investment you can make for your small business website. We drill into thousands of short and long tail keywords for you to nail down the BEST keywords with high potential and less competition.

1. We will take broad search phrases from your website and suggestions from you.

2. Then, we will research the keywords to find local and global search volume, potential clicks for no.1 site on Google and the competition.

3. We then filter out the irrelevant or too competitive keywords and send you an update on the best keywords for your website.

So, your keyword list will typically have 20-50 keywords nailed down by our keyword research experts on the basis of search, competition and relevance. The best part of our service is never hesitate to do another round of research to include new keywords ideas that you might get after looking at the reports.

Contact us to order your Keyword Research Report today!

Primary Keywords with Competition Data – $299

This package takes Primary Keyword Research a step further. We will identify up to 20 of the most popular yet less competitive keywords that apply to your website, and then we also provide you the following crucial information –

1. Who are your competitors? Helpful to further narrow down keywords and leave the ones with strong competitors.

2. How strong are they? This information helps  further redefine your keywords on the basis of competitor’s strength

3. Why they are ranking high? This information will help you in designing your reverse linking strategy.

The more competitive a term is, the more difficult it is to rank well for it. The key to a successful organic SEO strategy is not only identifying the terms that are used regularly in a keyword search, but also targeting terms that do not have an enormous amount of competition. Not surprisingly, this is the number one choice of most small business owners as it provides with all the information one needs for an effective SEO campaigns.

Apart from above 2 packages, we also provide customized services that include keyword research, competition analysis, building links through blog commenting and forum posting, directory submission, managing your reviews and much more. Please contact us for a free consultation on how we can help you get better relevant traffic to your website.