Full Time, Part Time or Project Based Following Service Packages – starting $10/Hr

Social media is about authenticity, sincerity, and transparency. The latest analysis on Social media marketing statistics conveys that, social networks and blogs has become the 4th most popular online activity. And almost 10% of all internet time is spent on social media sites. We have designed budget and effective social media packages for you. For customized social media services, please fill the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Fantastic Starter Pack USD 199 & Smart Retainer Pack USD 99/week

1. 5 Keyword Focused Blog Posts written for your blog, 350 to 500 words each

2. Facebook Fan Page created, joined 5 groups, 25 friends

3. Twitter Page created, 100 follows

4. Linkedin profile created and join 5 relevant groups

5. 2 other social media sites of your choice

6. If you have videos,we will add them to your new youtube account and SEO optimize them

7. Finally share all your blog posts videos through updates on your social media accounts

Total Value- USD 310, Package offer – USD 199, Delivery within 1 week

Smart Retainer Pack USD 99/week

1. Write up to 1000 words content for your blog, can be divided in to 2 posts

2. Post the blog post on your blog

3. Adding relevant tags, SEO keywords and Images/Video

4. Internal Linking, Custom Tagging and Custom Categories

5. Add this button and sharing your blog post on Social Media

6. Social Bookmarking

7. Responding to any comments made within a week

8. Adding friends and followers

9. Creating events when you need

10. Posting of conversation starters 1 per week

11. Group participation

12. Updating your social media status 5 days a week, Monday to Friday

13. Joining relevant groups

14. Weekly reporting on the results of Social Media Efforts in terms of clicks on website, participation, and number of friends and followers

15. Weekly call on demand with your virtual assistant for planning next week social media efforts as per your needs.

How we work?

  • We understand your business and set up social media goals as per your expectations
  • We conduct Online Market Research on your business and competitors to understand which approach will suit your business.
  • We are always ready to receive and give feedbacks and suggestions on your social media presence
  • Monthly Feedback Sessions and on demand weekly feedback sessions.
  • We prepareweekly / monthly reports
  • We engage your audience in conversations
  • We integrate your website and blog with social media

Why us?

  • We provide complete data protection and confidentiality
  • We always interact with your audience on your behalf and never mention about our company or individual names anywhere
  • We take interest in your business and your audience
  • We provide fresh content on regular basis
  • We are always enthusiastic to write on new topics
  • We immediately work on your suggestions/feedback and also share our inputs with you.
  • We work in a budget and still deliver quality

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